Customer instructions



Important: to check the correctness of the data entered, and especially important is the correctness and reliability of: email addresses and mobile phone numbers.


Account Login:

  1. Using a mobile: enter the number and get the OTP code to enter.
  2. Using your email address and password.

Important: within 30 minutes after clicking on “Register”, you must enter the OTP code and confirm your email address. If, for any reason, within the above time interval, the email address is not confirmed and / or the OTP code is not entered, registration will be canceled. But after 40 minutes, a new registration is possible, with the same: mobile number and email address.

Reasons for unsuccessful registration and its cancellation:

Important: if an error occurs, then when you try to log into your account, there will be messages about the inability to log in. But after 40 minutes, a new registration is possible, with the same: mobile number and email address. Registrations: "Company", "Customer", "Contractor" cannot be performed for one pair: email addresses and mobile phone numbers. Each registration must have a unique pair: an email address and a mobile phone number. Otherwise, you will receive a message that the user or company with the data of the email address and mobile phone number is registered.


More details:

It is important that after you have registered on the BeeProf platform as a Customer, Log in to your profile and complete the necessary settings.

You pay for the services of the "Provider" after you receive an invoice for payment (directly in the application) from the "Provider". You can pay in two ways:

  1. Bank card (Visa, MasterCard)
  2. Cash (if ON)

After payment you will receive:

  1. Payment receipt in BeeProf app
  2. Payment receipt from the payment system Fondy

Important: Your card details are absolutely safe. All information about payers, their cards and payments made is protected according to the international PCI DSS standard, data storage is regulated by GDPR policies, and card numbers are transmitted in encrypted form. We care about your safety.


In case of payment for the services to the provider by bank card, payment of interest rate for the services of the Fondy payment system in the amount of 3.5% is charged from the "Customer" of services. Therefore, in the receipt from "BeeProf" you see only the amount paid for the services of "Provider". That is 3.5% less.

In the case of paying in cash for the services of the provider, please, if it does not bother you, make sure that the provider goes to the "invoices" menu item, selects the invoice for which you made the payment to him and clicked the "payment received" button. After that, the payment is considered completed, the order is closed and will go into the "previous jobs" category. Otherwise, it will not be closed, which may lead to account blocking.